Simon English Works on Paper

24 June - 9 July 2021

'One seldom encounters the capricious artist who darts hither and yon, drawing a dear little train station here, a gorgeous cock at rest there, huddles of figures made of planks and sausages and arabesques, lateralising empty grids that plot out statistics of affect in wobbly colour and brushstroke - and all for the unconditional delight of it. Instead of trying to resolve, synthesise, conceptualise, totalise, explain or persuade, this artist allows images and words to tumble past with all the syntax of a house-clearance, all the coherence of a joyous babble of nonsense that feels terrific in the mouth.'


Extract from 'The English Haul: a report in translation' by Sally O'Reilly, published in Simon English: my big self decoy justin beiber, Black Dog Publishing, 2017.