Johnny Izatt-Lowry

Johnny Izatt-Lowry looks at the world from a place of remove. With each of his paintings there is a dream-like quality that implies we may have seen it before. His subjects are often quotidian; a bird, a log, a field. Things we “know” but which under his direction constantly elude us through their ambiguous materiality.


 Johnny Izatt-Lowry lives and works in London. He studied BFA Fine Art at Ruskin School of Art and MFA Fine Art at Slade School of Art. Recent exhibitions include By day, but then again by night, Cooke Latham Gallery, London; A Table, with things on, Taymour Grahne Projects, London; Reigen, Fabian Lang, Zurich,  One, curated by Subsidiary Projects x Jeannette Gunnarsson, San Mei Gallery, London; No Time Like The Present, Public Gallery, London; Rude Assembly, Sydney; A Raw Garden, Fitzrovia Gallery, London. In 2019 Izatt-Lowry won the Desiree Prize in Painting, at Slade School of Art and was artist in residence at PLOP, London.