Johnny Izatt-Lowry: A foot, a book, a kettle, a hand, a pot, a sunflower, a head, a bonsai, a pear, and two shoes

16 November - 3 December 2021
Cooke Latham Gallery are delighted to present a new series of drawings by Johnny Izatt-Lowry. Izatt-Lowry is known for the quiet intensity of his paintings and works on paper. Seemingly mundane, the isolated domestic subjects depicted in this series become distinctly alien when rendered by the artist in intensely worked and layered pencil. The objects are placed with unnatural precision and seem to swell to fill the confines of the frame. For Izatt-Lowry there is no hierarchy of object, the pear, the foot, the kettle are all given the same dispassionate attention. If anything the human elements are more inanimate than the inert objects. The foot feels both heavy and cold, a marble cast as opposed to flesh and blood. There is a stillness, an inertia and yet a contained energy to the compositions. Under Izatt- Lowry's playful direction we look again at the familiar around us.