Serena Korda

Serena Korda (born. 1979, London) has a multi-media, installation based practice that has 'world-building' at its core. Weaving together a host of influences her work channels and challenges the myths, folklore, witchcraft and magic from which she draws inspiration. Korda reviews historic narratives through a feminist lens, reworking them to create her own idiosyncratic mythology. Her sculptures predominantly adopt the notoriously unforgiving medium of clay, embracing its potential technical imperfections along with its decorative and domestic heritage. The inability of women to express agency in ancient myth is often counter-balanced by the quiet rebellion of their craft, this ‘weaponising’ of craft defines Korda's own practice, weaving stories to create her own timeless 'myths' and in doing so challenging many of the societal conventions of today.

Ritual is continually investigated as part of Korda's practice, specifically its historic role within violence. Many of Korda's audio works investigate how to make invisible forces palpable and create an environment of care in a world that is turning on itself. As such her practice challenges an anthropocentric vision of the world; the animism of objects is celebrated, the violence of humans laid bare.