Hamish Pearch

Hamish Pearch (b. 1993 UK) holds an MA from Royal Academy Schools, London and BA from Camberwell College of Art. He lives and works in London. Pearch's work reflects on the complex structures humanity occupies, exploring the materials, objects and spaces that make up our worlds. Through sculpture, installation, drawing and sound, his practice gives form to human experiences and systems that are mundane and magical in equal measure.


Recent solo and duo exhibitions include Amygdala lost and found, (Sans Titre (2016), Paris, (2021); Thames mud, front, Brussels (2021); Head Above Water, Belsunce Projects / Manifesta 13 Paralleles du Sud, Marseille (2020); Nights, Soft Opening, London (2019); On a day like this, Sans Titre (2016), Paris (2018); Ana Prata and Hamish Pearch, curated by Kiki Mazzucchelli, Kupfer, London, 2018. Group exhibitions include Phantasmata, Public, London (2022); 5th Edition, Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer, Fulmer (2021); La Psychologie des Serrures, Centre d'art Neuchatel, Switzerland (2021); Super Salon, Paris Internationale with Sans Titre (2016), Paris, (2020); Mushrooms: the art and design of fungi, Somerset House,London (2020);Schools Show, Royal Academy of Art (2019); Go,Soft Opening, London (2018); Premiums, Royal Academy of Arts, London( 2018).